Mobile App

Tips to Build A Mobile App with Stronger Impact

Earlier this year the cumulative number for total app downloads from Apple’s app store on iOS, reached a staggering 100 Billion. Add the total downloads for Android which are almost five times as many, you have yourself an astounding new industry worth billions of dollars.

This is no surprise then that most of the businesses and organizations have revamped their businesses with the intention to accommodate the entire customer base present on these online platforms. Some have started Billion dollar companies whose entire business is either making apps for their customers or making apps to sell and generate money.

This has become an industry so booming that – according to new research – it could see more than 200 Million app downloads per day, as early as next year.

There are a number of reasons for building an app, whether be a web app or a mobile app. The two most common and obvious reasons that come to mind include making apps to sell directly to the people via app store or play store, and making apps for businesses in order to increase their market and brand awareness and to provide customer service.

If you are starting a business or already run a business which doesn’t have a web or mobile application then you’ll probably need to hire a web development company or a freelance developer. Either of these thingsis a business decision and will cost you substantially, so to carry it out in an efficient and effective way you need to be able to know what kind of caveats are possible during such acquisitions

  • First of all, you need to know if the people you hire are qualified and know their work, some programmers produce workable codes but those are so sloppy that others are unable to expand on or update them.
  • Do make sure that the company or developers you hire are following the coding standards and other business and ethical guidelines set forth by the government.
  • You need to be aware of the copyrights and the ownership issues of the code being written for you, so as to avoid any legal issues in the future.
  • You should also be conscious of any quality assurance, security and stress testing methods the developers or the Developer Company is putting in place to fix the bugs and issues in the app. It is better to hire an independent consultant to ask these questions for you if you don’t possess the technical knowledge required.

Or you may be on the other side of the spectrum, just making apps for general public to buy. It’s like any other business that everyone with a business mind can start with the right resources even without the technical knowledge to build apps. In that case you need to have not just a great idea but also a proper business plan with all its necessary ingredients such as market research, competition research, detailed description of the app, total cost and other expenses, PR strategy and a proper marketing and advertising budget. Either way, I hope this article helps you before you make an app or have one made for you.

Yoga Benefits

The Immense Benefits of Yoga Retreats

Yoga is probably one of the most popular meditation exercises there is today. The people, young and old, have taken to this exercise, and even the Hollywood celebrities have joined in and started a worldwide trend.

Nowadays, nearly everybody is into yoga and its many permutations. It is considered as the exercise of choice for many people because, while it requires a lot of effort, it is not really as strenuous as getting into weight training or engaging in a lot of physical activity, yet it doesnot scrimp on the health benefits.

Because of the rapidly growing interest in yoga, the yoga retreats have been mushrooming everywhere. The fans of this meditation tool can now experience the benefits which yoga brings in an isolated environment and surrounded by nature, as opposed to the usual classroom or gym setting. What these yoga retreats aim to bring out is the fact that while yoga is a muscle strengthening and toning activity, it is, first and foremost, a spiritual experience that encourages people to be one with nature and with themselves.

There a lot of testimonials as to the good things yoga brings. One woman has vowed to practice yoga until her final breath because her painful arthritis attacks disappear every time she does yoga. A certain student who has been undergoing chemotherapy has found that the pain associated with blood drawing can be alleviated by applying what she learned in yoga class during her sessions in the hospital.

Benefits of Yoga

The benefits one can derive from yoga cannot be pointed out exactly, but studies all over the world have shown that yoga has, directly or indirectly, brought positive consequences both psychologically and physically. People who have been doing yoga exercises for a while already have strengthened cardiovascular efficiencies, low pulse rates and blood pressures, and reduced respiratory problems. Those who are suffering from heart, bronchial and other diseases have been advised to engage in yoga to help improve their health.

Aside from these, yoga has also been found to help with digestive and sleep problems. Because yoga is a meditative activity, the level and state of calm that yoga aims to achieve aids those practicing it not just to improve their physical capabilities, but also their mental faculties. People practicing yoga are known to be more patient and enduring compared to those who are not.

Other benefits include increased self-actualization and acceptance, improved mood, a greater awareness of the self, and the elimination of the feelings of inadequacy, depression, anxiety and fear. It also boosts attention, stimulates memory and develops concentration skills.

Yoga Retreats

The good thing about yoga retreats is that they aim to isolate the benefits one can gain from practicing yoga in one place and at one time. Thus, people who go to yoga retreats can expect nothing but relaxation, good health and peace of mind during their entire stay at the venue. And because yoga retreats are exclusive, the participants are sure to get the best value for their money.

Mobile Games

5 Reasons of the Boom in Mobile Games

The gaming industry can clearly be divided into two different types as far as last 10 years are considered, console gaming and mobile gaming.

The former included playing games on consoles and PC. While the latter originally was just games developmentfor standard mobile phones before the advent of smartphones, however, after the smartphone evolution, the mobile games developmentindustry has gotten so big that it is competing with console games in term of total revenue generated.

The effects and popularity of mobile gaming are so drastic that they are now influencing the console games development. Mobile game developers were smart when they concentrated on enhancing the user experience with the help of many features available only on touch screen devices, instead of trying to replicate the console gaming experience.

In this article we will discuss the reasons due to which mobile games development has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.

1 – Ease of Use

According to a study, 80% of adults in the US have their phones near them 22 hours a day. These numbers would be similar for other developed and developing countries according to their population’s purchasing power. The portability of mobile phones and tablets is another reason they are so easy to use. Compared to gaming consoles, which require a complex installation procedure and also a specific place to play. Mobile gaming can be done anywhere and by anyone, even kids.

2 – Mobile Friendly Playability

On top of exploring games and gameplay for mobile devices that isn’t prevalent in console gaming, mobile game developers are creating games which don’t require as much time and effort to complete one successful level or interval. There are more breaks and shorter sessions of gameplay are easily manageable as opposed to console gaming which requires the user to spend multiple hours.

Most mobile games can be played on the go while you are in a waiting room or even in a queue. These games are ideal for non-serious gamers.

3 – Price

Majority of the popular mobile game apps are free, the ones that do need to be purchased are generally less than a dollar. So they are much more affordable for an average person with standard income, plus the risk factor is minimal if you don’t like the game, you had only spent a dollar.

Compare that to console games which are definitely of a much higher quality and complexity but consequently cost more, simultaneously decreasing the affordability and increasing the risk associated with buying it.

4 – Traction

A simple reason and a no brainer, there are just so many more smartphones and tablets/iPads that there is no comparison with the number of total number of gaming equipment purchased every year. Smartphones have now become a necessity from a luxury while the specialized gaming consoles are still considered a luxury. No wonder mobile gaming is getting more popular than ever.

5 – Simple but Creative Games

The nature of mobile phone is such that it has become a multi-purpose device and so it doesn’texist solely for games. You can argue that iPads may be bought to just play games but that’s not the point, there are more phones than tablets. You can use it to play games too but that’s not the main purpose of a phone.

This compels game developers to come up with games that are generally simple yet creative so that they get popular, no one likes a bland and unimaginative game. This means that those who aren’t very good at playing computer games can enjoy a stimulating gaming experience.

Simply put, mobile games, whether on phones or other devices, are only going to get more popular because they are simple, effective and available to everyone ultimately booming games development opportunities.

Baby Movement Monitor

Graco Deluxe Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor Review

It is an updated model original, which gained popularity to be ranked as one of the best baby monitors on the market. This new version is based on the great features loved by the parents and it adds another level of performance.You can listen to your baby, so that you do not need more than one monitor. This update in Angelcare system has added a bunch of new features.

The color LCD of the parent unit makes it easy to check and verify all the functions of the unit. With the sound monitoring, temperature control and motion detection, this unit can keep you informed of everything you need to know about what is happening in your baby’s room.

The children’s audio unit and motion sensing pad under the crib mattress is fed with data from the two parent units. The screen displays digital information on temperature nursery and uses the light and sound indicators to keep you informed about the activity. As with the previous model, it sends an alert if the child stops moving after 20 seconds. The sensor pad is sensitive enough to detect even a baby is soft breathing.

The monitor works in two frequencies as 900MHz and 2.4GHz, and sends the audio through 900MHz frequency to reduce the interference from other electronic devices. The parental units have a range of up to 820 feet outdoors.

Salient Characteristics

  • 2 parental units
  • 8 channels to select the clearest sound
  • Color LCD
  • Temperature reading
  • Audio only or audio and motion option
  • Sounds an alarm when no movement is detected for more than 20 seconds
  • Low battery and out range warnings
  • Rechargeable batteries for parent unit, no batteries for the rearing unit and A/C power option for all units

A ‘tick’ feature constant repetition makes a sound to indicate that the motion sensor to detect movement continues. The settinglets you choose the audio options or vibration alarm and it means that you can be on the phone and still stay on top of activity of your child without interruptions from the monitor.

One basic unit of care and movement pad included in the set. The sensitivity of the platform movement is adjustable, so you can find the right fit for you. A night light feature and pagers are great extras to help you find your way to your child in the middle of the night and better monitoring of the units of the parents.

This monitor lets you sleep at night or go about your day knowing that the baby’s movements are being monitored. It also gives you nearly all other information you may need with a temperature sensor and, of course, an audio monitor. It has many details like a night light system paging units for parents and the LCD screen on the parent’s unit. The battery backup power means never having to be separated from your baby for a power outage. The voice activation allows you to save energy and to be notified when the baby makes noise. The price point of this monitor with all the features it offers is very reasonable.

The additional parent unitcannot be added to the set. The sensor platform also works best when placed on a firm surface that may require the placement of a piece of wood under the mattress of the crib.

The parents receive a great peace of mind with Graco Deluxe Angelcare Movement Baby Monitor. With the added many improvements since the launch of the original system, this monitor offers all the features of a high-end monitor audio with the added convenience of detection. You can see AngelcareGraco Deluxe Movement monitor pricesat Amazon.

Wind Power

Learn How The Wind Power Works!

Harnessing the power of wind has been done for centuries. If you have ever wondered how a wind power works, just step out into it and feel the power of this natural, free and renewable resource. Your body creates a resistance force, but you are too heavy to move (of course, except in hurricane force winds), and you are not attached to a center post that would allow you to rotate with the wind.

The wind power has been used to move ships across the ocean, to pull up water from deep in the ground, to grind crops, and now it is used to help in creating the electricity for mankind’s benefits. There has always been a plenty of wind. You can look at the Grand Canyon to see how wind and water can carve deeply into the solid rock. Go to the beach or the desert and you will see the little ripples caused by the wind currents. You can watch the nightly weather forecast and they will point out the trade winds, jet streams, and other wind related weather patterns. You just look into the sky and watch as the wind blows the clouds around and reshapes them. The wind is an amazing natural force.

The beauty of knowing how wind power works is that you can use the wind in many waysand it is completely free. Until recently, the wind was used to power water pumps, grist mills, sailboats, to determine directions, and more. Only now, in the twentieth century, it is being used to create raw electricity for use and sale. New, the giant turbines are being used to power the entire cities or rural areas. They are created and built specifically for this purpose, and there are smaller versions which are suitable for the residential yards, portables for varied uses, and micro wind generators for rooftops.

The economic crisis in 2008 ran head on into the factual evidence that fossil fuels pollute and are finite. There must be new renewable energy sources refined and captured, including wind, solar, and hydrogen. The wind power is clean, freely provided by Mother Earth and Nature itself, and it does not pollute for the reason that there are no by-products. As the technology develops and the demand increases, the cost of purchasing and installing wind power products will come down. The goal is to be able to provide inexpensive wind power to even the poorest areas of the earth, so everyone can benefit from electricity.

Exactly how wind power works is no mystery. The kinetic energy of the wind is captured by the wind mill, the source of resistance to the wind. The wind hits the paddles, which are free to rotate with the wind, and in turn the paddles (blades) convert this wind energy into a rotational shaft energy by turning an interior drive train which moves that energy into a generator that captures it. From the generator, electricity produced moves into storage batteries, or is transferred via an inverter for home use. The inverter bumps up the DC current to AC for home use. The electrical energy produced can also be moved to a utility power grid for sale to that company, and use by others. There are two types of rotor blades, a vertical axis, and the horizontal axis type which is more widely used today.

There will be much publicity in coming years about the alternative energy and new power sources. The solar and wind will be at the top of the list. They are related and can be combined for a hybrid energy power plant. The sun is what creates the wind, after all, and they work hand in hand as free and renewable energy sources out there for the taking, or capturing, for use and benefit of all mankind.